Original Motion Picture Score

Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Kurt Kuenne


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  1. Kate & David (Theme from "Dear Zachary")
  2. If One Person Weren't Alive
  3. Growing Up / One More Time
  4. What Else Didn't I Know?
  5. Shorts (The Man Never Wore Pants)
  6. SFT
  7. November 5, 2001
  8. Bringing a Man Back to Life
  9. A Love Story
  10. Best Man
  11. Meeting Zachary
  12. On the Road
  13. Down by the Riverside
  14. Christmas with Zachary
  15. Doctor Bagby
  16. Dance with the Devil
  17. Dear Zachary
  18. Pictures
  19. August 18, 2003
  20. The Crusade
  21. October 4, 2006
  22. One More Time
  23. Finale
  24. Andrew (Original 2002 Recording)

Composed and Conducted by Kurt Kuenne

This is the life of my dear friend, Dr. Andrew David Bagby, as I remember it - in music.

The main theme is made up of two-note phrases, meant to echo the two syllables of his name. It is repeated three times, in three different instrumentations:

As a boy, he is a playful clarinet. As a young man, he is a stylish tenor saxophone. As a Doctor, he has the regality of full brass.

Between the young man and the Doctor, there is a break for a love theme which I will simply call "Heather".

Finally, the angels sing to embrace his soul.

I hope this music reminds you of his spirit, his laugh, his swagger and his full heart – and keeps those things alive every time it is played.

Kurt Kuenne